Buyer agents are real estate agents and professionals that are licensed whom specialize in searching, locating, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the Buyer. Utilizing the services that Buyer´s agents offer is becoming more and more common these days because it makes total sense. Buyer´s finally recognize the benefits having their own advocate throughout the entire process at no cost to them.

Taking Stress Out of Buying Real Estate

How can using a Buyer’s Agent benefit you?

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you may ever make and you wouldn’t invest any of your hard earned savings into shares without first consulting a professional, so why would you purchase a home for hundreds of thousands of euros without consulting a professional?

Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who independently represent you – the home buyer or investor. We never sell property in a buying transaction – we are buyer’s agents, in other words your advocate or representative and will provide you with a full market analysis and valuation equipping you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the value of a property without all of the sales “hype”.

We earn our fee based on the selling price of the home, by finding you the best property and securing it at the best price in the shortest amount of time. Our goal is to supply you with the most complete and accurate information to help you make the right and most informed decision.

Along with this commitment, we also co-ordinate the support services needed to bring the transaction to a satisfactory conclusion (i.e. exchange of contracts). These may include coordinating efforts between solicitors, mortgage brokers, inspectors and insurance brokers. If it’s to be an investment property, we can also direct you to tax accountants, quantity surveyors and property managers.


– Help you set a realistic goal
– We canvas the entire market
– Get access to our extensive network
– We match properties to your briefing
– Inspect property
– Shop in a safe environment


– No sales hype, just the facts
– Qualified property evaluators
– Measure the property value
– CMA – Comparative Market Analysis
– Identify potential for capital growth
– Assess the property’s real worth


– Sellers motivation
– Potential Outcomes
– Auction Representation
– Talk you Through the Process
– Negotiate without Emotion
– Negotiate Strategically


– Assist in paperwork preparation
– Coordinate building & pest inspections
– Provide advice on possible renovations/improvements
– Connect you with reputable service providers
– Guidance through to settlement

We’ll help you make the right choices in property. So basically, we offer:


Today’s technology has certainly helped reduce the time we spend searching for property. In reality the great properties or the ‘bargain buys’ that everyone dreams of, have well and truly been snapped up before information is loaded to real estate web pages. Get access to extensive inside market knowledge, hot spots and silent listings and find potential properties before they are even advertised for sale.


There are many factors to consider when buying a property – location, street appeal, potential, structure, condition, fixtures, floor plan functionality, aspect, elevations, topography, proximity to transport, schools, hospitals, parks, cafe’s, restaurants and shopping facilities. A Buyer´s agent allows you to ‘shop’ in a safe and informed environment where everything is based on the facts.


Doing your research is one of the most laborious tasks when you’re on the hunt for a new property, and let’s face it, who has time to do 20 inspections every weekend, scour the paper as soon as it hits the news stand and endure other listing agents in the hope of finding the ultimate property. We can eliminate the stress and frustration of being shown inappropriate and unsuitable properties.


Buying property can be a very emotional and stressful experience for some people. This is because it represents the purchase of the most expensive item you may ever buy. On top of that you may only do it one or two, or at most a few times in your entire life-time. We get to do it all the time on a regular basis. We can remain emotionally detached and apply predetermined criteria to see if it stacks up. Once we have located your ideal property and negotiated the lowest price, we can guide you through the process, coordinating the support services you need including solicitors, mortgage brokers, pest & building inspectors and insurance brokers. If it is to be an investment property, we can also direct you to tax accountants, quantity surveyors and property managers.

Don’t spend months contacting every real estate agent, trawling the internet, attending open homes, and worrying night after night about auction day or negotiating the best deal – leave it all to your licensed, professional Portugal Real Estate Investments Buyer´s Agent.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

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