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After the Sale Support

We are committed to render our expertise to ensure that you get lifestyle changes or investments and most often, a combination of the two. Our after sale service is designed to help all our clients after their purchase by providing all the necessary back-up to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Our dedicated after sales team is always available to follow you through after your purchase as this the stage you’ll need us most. We ensure that any teething problems are dealt with to ensure you finish up immensely satisfied with the whole process.

Supporting our clients

We have developed this service of the company with the aim of supporting all clients who bought property with us by providing a whole range of after sale services. There are many vital formalities that accompany overseas investments that are often overlooked by foreign investors which often lead to some snags with their purchases. Our after sale service is designed to cover two distinct areas. Firstly to take care of the necessary – and somewhat bureaucratic – formalities and secondly to launch you into the wonderful world of Portugal by handling all necessary formalities, ensure the property is in perfect condition, help connecting the utilities – all to ensure the entire process is perfectly realized as stress-free as possible.

Why we are different

Uniqueness is always the key factor in every brand and here Portugal Real Estate Investments we focus on being unique, which has really pushed us ahead over the years. Here’s how:

Portugal Real Estate Investments is a privately owned property consultant company based and focusing only on Portuguese Investments. Our specialization enables us to flawlessly recommend any part of Portugal, any type of property and from any vendor/ developer. Our professional contact staffs are all bi-lingual with many years of stay lived in Portugal (if not Portuguese) and are always available to serve you in our support offices in Lisbon and Porto.

Here are some of the doubts you might have been considering;-

  • A Franchised Agent – It is very unlikely that a branch manager would recommend you speak to another branch as they are merely small businesses focusing on growing on their local region.
  • An Overseas Property Company – Might seem like the best experts in the world, but are they really going to scour every part of Portugal to get you what best fits into your scheme?
  • A Search Engine – If you have ever used search engines to gather information regarding a property you wish to invest on, you would have known by now that they are simply unreliable as most of the data you get are updated by people who most often have not been here to see for themselves. You are more likely to be getting a wrong description or information about a long sold property.
  • A Local Agent/ Developer – Local agents/developers are great and they are the ones we interact with when we find our gems. Nevertheless, you’re not likely to find the best ones, and they don’t enjoy the independence we have.

We have been working in Portugal for many years and our team of experts specialized in Portugal property investment will serve you with detail information about every valley, hill, beach, golf course etc.. We render our expertise to ensure that you get what exceeds your expectations with outstanding after sales solutions.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

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