Use of a Business Broker

If you can’t properly qualify a potential buyer, you’ll be wasting a great deal of your time.

Why trust your most valuable asset to someone who has no experience in handling it? The process of selling a business is very complicated and there are many steps in getting from A (pricing the business and putting the business on the market) to Z (getting it closed and you, the Seller, a paycheck).

At Portugal Real Estate Investments we market your business in the most professional manner to get your business the action it needs to sell at the highest price on the best terms.

Second, getting a buyer ready to make an offer in this economic times, is very difficult and time consuming. They want to know and understand all the financial aspects of the business, the ramifications of the Lease, and projections on the future growth of the business.

This takes training, experience and expertise to work thru with the Buyer. Most of the real estate agents would be lucky to understand the tax return let alone all of these factors that go into getting a Buyer just make an offer.

Negotiating an offer on a business is totally different than negotiating an offer on a house. There are many legal ramifications and many fine points that can seriously effect the outcome of your sale.

Do you want someone who is not qualified to represent you on this?

Once the offer is negotiated there is the "Due Diligence" period, where the Buyer can dig deep into the business and find out what really makes it tick. This is where 90% of the deals fall apart. It takes years of expertise to work with the Buyer showing them the "VALUE" in the business. Helping them to understand the pricing of the business and what the future potential of the business will be for them.

If you can get thru this step then you have the Lender (finding money for a business today is almost impossible unless you have a SPECIAL relationship and understanding with the Lenders - Our Brokers have spent countless years developing those relationships just to help you the Seller achieve your goals), the Landlord (all Buyers want to negotiate a better lease - it takes knowledge, expertise, and an understanding of Leases in order to accomplish this for the Buyer - we have negotiated many leases and been very successful in helping Buyer's achieve their goals) and possibly a Franchiser to deal with (there are many hurdles in getting a Buyer approved by the Franchiser. These obstacles on the way to closing take a great deal of time, expertise and training to overcome with the Buyer, in order for you, the Seller, to realize your true goal - SELL THE BUSINESS AND GET PAID

This alone may be reason enough to retain a business broker to represent you in selling your business. A professional business broker knows how to sort through the many non-qualified buyers to get to the few who actually do have the means and motivation to buy a business. However, once the unqualified potential buyers have been culled out, somewhere around 50% of qualified buyers eventually do buy a business. For many reasons, we recommend that sellers use a professional business broker to represent them in selling their business. A true professional business broker can provide:

• Assistance in maintaining confidentiality of the business for sale by acting as an intermediary • Assurance that only qualified business buyers are introduced to the seller • Assistance in positioning the business so that it’s seen in its best light • Targeted, effective marketing of the business for sale • Assistance in determining the market value of the business