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Regional information on Portugal

Portugal being one of the oldest nations in Europe is a great place to visit with a lot of history. The country is bordered on the west side of the Iberian peninsula between the Atlantic ocean and Spain. Portugal has a fantastic climate and is a sunny country with diverse geographic features which have turned it into a favorite destination for not just holidays but also golf, water sports, wind sports, wine visits and city trip locations to Lisbon and Porto.

The country is split up in a few regions namely: Porto and the North. Porto which is classed by UNESCO as a world heritage site as the city important and famous for it’s wine and port wine. The Douro river is the longest in Northern Portugal and comes down the mountaisn until the Atlantic ocean near Porto. There are fantastic river cruises now available to enjoy this scenery. Furthermore some unique properties are for sale with Douro views and beach views along the North Portugal beaches. For most foreigner purchasing real estate in North Portugal the city of Porto will be the main hub.

Further North small villages will make interesting trips to see the real and traditional way of living. Old medieval castles and convents are dotted along with manor houses all along the North. Beiras The centre of Portugal is referred to as Beiras which is South of the Douro and North of the Tagus river. The region runs from the Atlantic coast with temperate climate to mountains with forest. Important historical towns as Coimbra, Aveiro, viseu, Guarda and Castelo Branco will be mainly looked for by local buyers hunting for a permanent residency.

On the coast interesting real estate with sea views can be found in places like Aveiro Lisbon and Tejo area Lisbon is currently one of most favorite city trip destinations in Europe, a superb capital where you can enjoy still local and traditional eateries or enjoy the beaches of Cascais and Estoril. Lisbon has a lot to offer for all tourist and real estate is currently picking up at a fast pace. From luxury penthouses in Graca to renovation properties in Bairro Alto, there is something for all budgets to be found. With the port, marinas and beaches nearby, really a remarkable capital city.

Sintra is another place to put on the visit list, a marvelous village in the mountains with views towards the coast. Enjoy a game of black jack in the Estoril casino or visit the Cascais Marina. Both prime locations for real estate investments in mainly the higher price brackets. With a mediterean climate and Lisbon on the doorstep, always a favorite with foreign real estate buyers.

North from Lisbon you will find the Silver coast area with beach locations like Nazare, Leiria, Obidos and more to find really well located and well-priced real estate for sale. Favorite with the wave surfing community there is also a growing community of overseas buyers investing into Silver coast property. Alentejo Dotted with old castles this is a really great place to spend a few days. From the rugged coastline to stunning cities like Evora. Most will know Alentejo from their fantastic wines, great food and friendly people.

The alentejo has a lot of farmland and vast plains which become less inhabited and sunnier when going south. Alentejo is a large province which is scarcely populated. Visit adega wineries or old pousadas to stay a few days and experience the country side living. Foreign buyers looking to find a home in Alentejo will be mainly looking for large farms, adega’s, wineries and other opportunities to attract tourism like boutique hotels and Bed and breakfast properties. We have a nice selection of special real estate for sale in Alentejo Algarve The most known province for golf, beach, tourism and best climate in Europe, why look further and join us in the sunny south of Portugal.

In the Algarve is besides tourism activities also a lot of history to discover, from the Arabic setters, castles, old manor houses and churches. The Algarve has much to offer from the hills of Monchique, Caldeirao to espinhaco de Cao to the ocean. The Algarve has long been a favourite with many expats looking for a place under the sun, it’s a safe place to invest in real estate and with prices being at an affordable level a good time to invest now.

Interesting facts and figures on Portugal

Portugal is located in Western Europe bordered by the Atlantic ocean and Spain on the Other side. Portugal has various islands belonging to it’s territory like Madeira and the Azores, as well as some uninhabited islands in the Atlantic.

The Romans and later the Arabs have occupied the country for a fair few years between the years of 711-1249. Mainly the Algarve still has traces of the Arab influences in building but also in the food.

Think big they must have thought in 1494 when ‘half of the world’ belonged to Portugal. The Portuguese Empire was one of the longest lived ones with almost 600 years. Former colonies belonging to Portugal were Macau, East Timor, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique. Funnily enough many of the former colonies are now buying up prime real estate in Lisbon, Oporto and the Algarve.

  • Portugal’s capital is the city of Lisbon which is one of the most favorite city trip destinations in Europe and definitely worth to visit.
  • Portugal is a republic and a member of the European Union, United Nations, Schengen Area, NATO, WTO and OECD
  • Portugal has the cape that is located on the most Western point in Europe, most think it is Sagres in Algarve which is not the case. It’s actually Cabo de Roca.
  • The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon with 17.2km is actually the longest in Europe.
  • Portugal has one of the larges economic zones in Europe covering 1.727.408km2
  • Portugal has a Mediterranean climate and is one of the warmest in Europe, the Algarve has a similar climate to Southern California.
  • Want to visit a hot spot ? visit Amereleja which is the hottest location in summer time reaching temperature records of 47C.
  • Why are foreigners buying in Portugal, the climate is probably in the top 3 of important factors. We have 2500-3200 hours of sunshine a year with 4 to 6 hours in the winter and 10-12 hours in the summer.
  • Ocean water on the West coast can be chilly with temperatures from 13-18C, The Algarve on the other hand can reach temperatures upto 26C
  • Portugal produces half of the world´s cork.
  • One of the oldest universities in Europe is located in Coimbra and established in 1290
  • Portugal has over 800 kmsof coastline and plenty of beaches to enjoy.
  • One of the nicest estate agents in Portugal to deal with are of course your friends at PortugalRealEstateInvestments.com

Healthcare information in Portugal


Portugal has an extensive health care system throughout the country with health centres and hospitals available. Healthcare in Portugal has minimal costs and is available to all citizens of Portugal and EU residents. As the public system can be overcrowded a private medical insurance is advisable. The private hospitals are of excellent quality and they can assist you in a swift and efficient manner.

Centro de Saude

The government has health centers (Centro de Saude) in most cities where you can make appointment for ‘non urgent’ procedures. All Portuguese residents are entitled to basic healthcare which include medicine, GP appointments and alike. Most medicines are part sponsored by the government and as user you pay a small fee to purchase these.

When moving to Portugal and becoming a resident you will need to apply for a medical card at your local health center which you will need when making appointments for medical assistance.

Under European Law if you are living in an EU memberstate you can use the health centers and hospitals. For UK residents you will need an E-111 form


Throughout the country there are lots of pharmacies which are generally open from 09.00 to 1900 (excluding lunch break 13.00-15:00. Contact details of 24 hour service and weekend service are listed on the pharmacy’s door.

Travel information on Portugal

Travelling to Portugal has become quick & easy and affordable with many of the budget airlines like Ryanair and easyjet flying in to Portugal’s main airports. There are 3 major airlines from North to South, Oporto, Lisbon and Faro for the Algarve. Intercontinental flights will mostly arrive in Lisbon, from here there will be connecting flights to for example the Algarve.

From most European capital cities you can fly to Lisbon or the Algarve in 2,5 to 3 hours time. Ryanair also has a flight from Faro to Porto if you want to make a daytrip to the North of the Country.

Via ferryboat from the UK to Spains Santander connection and then via road connection. Portugal has a good quality motorway system which nowadays has become all tollroads. The toll road system is a mix of the traditional tollbooth system to a futuristic e – toll system where you would need to acquire or hire an electronic device.

Most visitors will opt to hire a car to explore the country, the public transport system in mainly the backland or inland destination can take a fair bit of time and there might not be many busses leaving every day. Rental cars are affordable and a good way to explore Portugal.

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