Good news for Expats and Foreign Investors. Greg is on your side as your Buyer’s Advocate, even if you’re on the other side of the world…

With Greg on your side, time will be on your side too. Greg is an expat himself from San Francisco, California. After being a resident in Portugal for the last 20 years, many years as a business executive, he knows, quite literally where your home buying concerns are coming from. And he knows all about getting around the Portuguese obstacles as he himself has done it for years. His career runs deeps, as a real estate investor and broker, a former marketing director for Pizza Hut, and the Solverde Casinos. Besides the restaurants he opened via Pizza Hut, he also grew a successful restaurant chain in Portugal that gave him all the experience in the commercial real estate and construction industries, having dealt with the full spectrum of involved parties, from architects, lawyers, developers, contractors, decorators, salespeople, and landlords to laborers.

That’s especially welcoming news in light of the situation many foreign investors have to deal with, mainly because the investments they were told couldn’t fail have done precisely that. The reality is, some investments in Portuguese properties by expats and foreigners have proven to be risky at best. But this proves all the more why having Greg and his team on your side as your Buyers Advocate handling your Portugal Property purchase is a wiser move.

Living abroad is exciting, enlightening and stimulating. But when you’re buying property from a distant locale — either as an expat or foreign investor — you face some very real, and potentially costly, challenges. How do you know what you’re reading or hearing about a property is accurate? Who can tell you if it’s located in the right kind of area for you? Is this a fair price? And, of course, how good of an investment is it?

All these, and many other just as important questions and issues, are precisely why so many expats and foreign investors have been so relieved — and even thrilled — to have Greg as their specialist expat Buyers Advocate.

Greg knows the Portuguese real estate market as well and as intimately as anyone around. He closely tracks trends, talks daily with dozens of sellers from all across the various regions of the country and continually analyzes and distills his encyclopedic knowledge into reports, emails and phone meetings with expats and foreign investors the world over.

And because he works solely and totally for you the buyer — and not the seller — you’re doubly assured that your interests are the only ones he cares about.

You don’t have to do anything but enjoy the prospect of owning the perfect Portuguese property.

Here are a few points Greg suggests to consider when looking to purchase your new home:

The real estate selling agent does not work in the best interest of a property buyer, although it is a legal requirement that they work in the best interests of their client, which happens to be the house in which they are trying to sell.

When buying on your own, be careful about how much information you willing give to the real estate selling agent because if you give too much away, they may use it when it’s time to negotiate. Remember selling agents are trained in how to negotiate the highest price for their client.

In retrospect, Greg and his team handles it all:

• Get the inside knowledge, hot spots and silent listings.
• Vast market knowledge puts you at an instant and distinct advantage.
• Greg and his team represent you personally.
• Greg has +25 successful years of experience in the Portuguese and US real estate industry.
• Greg has extensive real estate contacts throughout Portugal.
• Greg has been himself an investor in residential developments.

We also do:

• Search and assess the best properties that fit your needs.
• Connect with an extensive and enviable list of selling agents, including those whose properties might not even be listed yet.
• Prepare communications reports, to keep you fully informed and completely at ease.
• Formulate the most effective purchase strategy for an auction or negotiation. Organizing signatories, solicitors and contracts.
• Fully coordinate the pre-purchase and due diligence.
• Facilitate pre-settlement inspection and settlement procedures.
• Even supply recommendations for competent trades people and property management personnel if needed.

To learn more about how to put Greg fully on your side as your expat Buyers Advocate, even if you’re halfway around the world, please contact him today.

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What are you looking for?

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