You have the experts on your side first of all. We take the hassle out of buying a home. We know finding your home is serious business.

We put properties under the microscope. We have privileged access to silent sellers. Some of the benefits that only clients of Portugal Real Estate Investments enjoy.

– We negotiate to save you time and money
– We care for you investment properties.
– We help when you are abroad.
– We will not let you pay one euro more than you need.
– We deal with you 100% of the time. You are the reason why we are here, so you will get 110% of our attention.
– The absolute lowest price will be negotiated.

All other relevant services are coordinated through our team and are budgeted per your requirements.

Discovering above-average property before other buyers

Quality property sells fast and if you have begun your search you may have noticed this already. At Portugal Real Estate Investments we are experts at finding out about property ahead of regular buyers and we can create transactions by targeting specific homes that aren’t for sale. We know how to find out about properties that are for sale quietly and for various reasons aren’t and won’t be marketed publicly through their real estate selling agent.

Property assessment and location evaluation to identify above-average quality property

Portugal Real Estate Investments clients benefit from our unique property evaluation processes. We perform a comprehensive assessment to protect you from buying ‘problem properties’ that will under-perform the market in terms of capital growth, and which take longer to on-sell or find a tenant for.

Knowing what a property is actually worth in today’s market

At Portugal Real Estate Investments we conduct thorough research to work out a property’s current fair-market value so you can feel certain about what a property is worth in today’s market. This means no guess work when beginning negotiations.

A strategic approach to property negotiation

In addition to Portugal Real Estate Investments clients benefiting from being fully informed on the current fair market value for a property, they also profit from our ability to negotiate the lowest possible price that the vendor will accept. Our clients don’t pay any more than they need to. There’s no shooting from the hip with Portugal Real Estate Investments.

Bringing speed to the transaction

If it then appears we can secure the property for a fair price that’s within your budget then under your instruction we will enter into what can become quite intense negotiations with the selling agent (or the vendor direct if it’s a private sale or a transaction we’ve created directly with a property owner) to secure the property at the lowest possible price. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are the one who actually secures the property, which often means fending off other interested parties.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

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