Have you ever wanted to Be Your own boss with the flexibility to control your schedule and control your income as well? A career as a Real Estate Rep can provide this, but the most rewarding experience is making a client’s dreams come true. You’re involved in one of the most important decisions that your client will ever make, and the minute you hand the keys over to them, you know you’ve made the difference.

At Portugal Real Estate Investments we pride ourselves on our unique ability to identify & attract talented individuals who are focused, motivate and driven.

If you’d like more information on the personal and financial benefits working for Portugal Real Estate Investments can provide, please call Greg Babayans at +351-91-319-3847.

PortugalReal Estate Investments offers aggressive, yet flexible, compensation plans for the industry and seeks to accomplish two goals. First, handsomely compensate the agent/broker associates who consistently produce and second, reward those who assist in the overall development and growth of the company.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?


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