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Our Portuguese License Number: AMI 16412

Essential Tips To Consider When Dealing with Estate Agents In Portugal

Estate agents must be licensed by the Instituto da Construcao e do Imobiliario, (INCI) in order to legally function in Portugal. With the rigorous monitoring of agents, it’s quite easy to lookup credentials for an agent you may be working with using their license number from Associacão de Mediadores Imobiliários, (AMI).

It is obligatory for all real estate agents In Portugal to have their license number from Associacão de Mediadores Imobiliários on all documents associated with their business like their business cards, webpage, flyers used for promotion, and all marketing and advertisement projects. This makes looking up credentials of Portuguese estate agents really easy.

To ensure that the license number is valid, visit the INCI’s website and click on the link that reads “Checking Out an AMI Number”, type in the license number and click “Pesquisar” and you will be presented with information containing the agents license and you will also get to know if his company’s insurance is valid.

However if no information is displayed, it means the agent’s AMI license number is invalid. Always abscond from such fraudulent agents.

Presently, the Portuguese real estate industry is facing hard times as many companies are operating illegally and escaping from European laws governing online advertising. These dishonest companies flee from the taxes in their countries and injure their economy.

To avoid dealing with illegal companies, always make sure the company you are working with has a Civil Responsibility Insurance. This coverage protects your safety in case any disputes arise during the purchase. Dealing with companies that don’t possess this coverage exposes you to high risk of losing both your finances and purchased property in case a disputes.

Keep it as good rule to always check agents AMI number through INCI when purchasing property in Portugal to avoid dealing with fraudsters. It’s a good practice also to use an agent such as who openly reveals this number. Always go for trustworthy legal agents that proudly display their AMI license number, and you can relax knowing your transactions with them are safe.

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